The President's Farewell

5 couple longways,   music:32 bar waltzes, eg Red Bay Waltz by Elvyn Blomfield

A1: Couples 1+2, 3+4 Rights and Lefts, 2 changes, no courtesy turns;
couples 1+4 Rights and Lefts, 2 changes
A2: On the ends (2+4, 3+5) star right while the first couple back to back in the middle;
the first couple then cross right and go right (man down/woman up) round one person to form rings of five
B1: In those rings: balance in and out and circle (about half) and then the ones let go left and lead the circle to a line (first man ending at the top of the men's side, first woman at the bottom of the women's side).
B2: First man zig-zag to the bottom of the set by changing places right on the right diagonal, left on the left diagonal, right on the right, left on the left.

It may help a confused first man to note that the final zig zag puts people back on their proper side.

This dance was written by Hugh Stewart in memory of Cyril Papworth, President of the Round, and first danced at his memorial dance, February 2002. Revised 2019 to substitute the ones back to back for the original right hand turn -- while that mirrored the right hand star on the ends it needed more space along the set, and people tended to turn once and a half in the first four bars, and then found four bars to cast up or down round one person was far too long.