Longways for as many as will; in three parts (4th Ed., 1670).


First Part.
A1–4All lead up a double and fall back a double to places (r.s.).
5–8That again.
B11On the first beat of the bar all spring on to left feet; on the middle beat, partners strike right feet together, swinging them sideways from right to left.
2That again, springing on to right feet and striking left feet together.
3On the first beat of the bar all clap hands; on the middle beat partners strike right hands together.
4That again, partners striking left hands together.
5During the first half of the bar all turn their hands as though they were winding wool; on the middle beat each holds up one finger of the right hand.
6That again, holding up left hands.
7–8All turn single.
B21–8Same as B1.

Second Part.
A1–4Partners side (r.s.).
5–8That again.
B1, B2Same as First Part.

Third Part.
A1–4Partners arm with the right.
5–8Partners arm with the left.
B1, B2Same as First Part.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart