Longways for six; in three parts (4th Ed., 1670).


First Part
A1–4All lead up a double and fall back a double to places (r.s.).
5–8That again.
B11–2First man and first woman face each other, take both hands, and dance four slips up.
3–4Second couple the same.
5–6Third couple the same.
7–8All turn single.
B21–2Third man and third woman take both hands and dance four slips down.
3–4Second couple the same.
5–6First couple the same.
7–8All turn single.

Second Part
A1–4Partners side (r.s.).
5–8That again.
B11–2First man changes places with third woman, right shoulders foremost, passing back-to-back (sl.s.).
3–4First woman changes places with third man in like manner (sl.s.).
5–6Second man changes places with second woman in like manner (sl.s.).
7–8All turn single.
B21–8All that again to places.

Third Part
A1–4Partners arm with the right.
5–8Partners arm with the left.
B11–8Men the straight hey-for-three (Fig.12, p.53) on their own side (sk.s.).
B21–8Women the straight hey-for-three on their own side (sk.s.); while men turn single during the last two bars.

Page transcribed by Hugh Stewart