Jane Austen evenings

From time to time the Round holds an evening of dances from Jane Austen’s time. Her novels often feature dances and balls, but with one exception don’t mention the names of any of the dances. These evenings give an opportunity to do some dances from the late eighteenth century — dances that she and the characters in her novels are likely to have danced.

The evening begins with Formal Hall dinner in Emmanuel College Hall at 7.30 p.m., followed by an evening of dancing from about 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. in Emmanuel Old Library. The dances will be explained by our callers, and walked through, so no previous experience of them is needed. There will be many people present who are familiar with the dances and can help you through them, and we generally change partners after each dance, so there is no need to bring a partner.

Some people who come to these events like to wear period costume, or other formal dress, but that is not obligatory.

If you enjoy the Jane Austen evening you might like to come to the Round’s regular Thursday evening meetings, where we do a wide range of dances in the English style dating from the mid-seventeenth century through to the present day.

The next Jane Austen evening will be on Saturday 8th February 2020. Music will be provided by Moon Carrot and the dances will be called by Colin Hume and Sally Vernon.

Booking tickets

For the Jane Austen evening on 8th February 2020, tickets are £24 for students, £34 for non-students (dinner and wine or soft drinks included). Please send an email to Leah Thomas, lrt30@cam.ac.uk, specifying what tickets you require, and giving details of any special dietary requirements.

Payment should be made by bank transfer to:
The Round
Sort Code : 52-10-46
Account No. 16564685
Name of bank: NatWest
giving as a reference the code JA-SxNy followed by your name, where x is the number of student tickets and y the number of non-student tickets that you want.

Tickets will be issued by email on receipt of payment, as a digital copy for you to print. If you prefer physical copies, ask Leah when you book. They can be sent to a University address or collected at a Thursday evening Round meeting. Numbers are limited. If the event is over-subscribed your name will be put on a waiting list.