Covid-19 guidelines

While we are very happy to be able to dance again, we need to ensure that the health of all our dancers is protected. We ask people attending our meetings to observe the following:

  • Please come to our meetings only if you are double-vaccinated and have no Covid symptoms.
  • Do not attend meetings if you are legally required to self isolate or to quarantine after international travel. This includes not attending meetings following a positive COVID-19 test until you have tested negative.
  • Use hand sanitiser at frequent intervals during the evening.
  • Maintain social distancing when not dancing or playing in the band.
  • Please notify the Round by email to ‘round at CambridgeSU dot co dot uk’ if you test positive for COVID within two weeks after attending a meeting.
  • Pay contactless if possible, or pay by bank transfer for the whole term (with a discount! Details here).
  • If outside the Refectory but still inside Wesley Church, Wesley’s general COVID-19 guidelines must be followed. Social distancing of 2m should be observed and face coverings worn in communal areas inside the building.

We will:

  • Keep the room as well ventilated as possible.
  • Provide hand sanitiser.
  • Provide facilities for contactless payment but will also accept cash.
  • Provide water, and squash and biscuits at the interval, but we encourage you to bring your own.

English country dancing inevitably involves hand-to-hand or arm-to-arm contact. Some dances involve the rather closer bodily contact of ‘ballroom hold’, but alternatives are possible. Please be ready to adapt to other dancers who are uncomfortable with the closer contact.

Face coverings have been shown to reduce COVID-19 infections in indoor spaces, and the University in general recommends them when inside and unable to social-distance. However, they are currently not recommended for vigorous physical activity. Please respect others’ choices about wearing masks. (Their interpretation of ‘vigorous’ may be different from yours!)