Longways for six; in three parts (4th Ed., 1670).


First Part.
A1-4All lead up a double and fall back a double to places (r.s.).
5-8That again.
B11-2First man and first woman face each other, take both hands, and dance four slips up.
3-4Second couple the same.
5-6Third couple the same.
7-8All turn single.
B21-2Third man and third woman take both hands and dance four slips down.
3-4Second couple the same.
5-6First couple the same.
7-8All turn single.

Second Part.
A1-4Partners side (r.s.).
5-8That again.
B11-2First man changes places with third woman, right shoulders foremost, passing back-to-back (sl.s.).
3-4First woman changes places with third man in like manner (sl.s.).
5-6Second man changes places with second woman in like manner (sl.s.).
7-8All turn single.
B21-8All that again to places.

Third Part.
A1-4Partners arm with the right.
5-8Partners arm with the left.
B11-8Men the straight hey-for-three (Fig.12, p.53) on their own side (sk.s.).
B21-8Women the straight hey-for-three on their own side (sk.s.); while men turn single during the last two bars.
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