The Old Round

In 1946 Ted Purver was encouraged to organise some meeting of ex-Round and current Round members at Cecil Sharp House in London. After a couple of attempts to organise a mass descent on some weekly EFDSS Members' dance they gave up and organised a private dance in April 1947.

This yielded a profit of 12/5 so Ted proposed to set up the Old Round with himself as Treasurer, John Lewis Secretary and John Coales President, and an annual subscription of one shilling.

An initial attempt to raid the Stratford festival turned into a weekend at John Coales' house (in Radlett, Herts) on August 9/10 1947 which can probably claim to be the first Old Round event. A visit to the EFDSS Albert Hall festival on January 3rd 1948 was also organised and the dance in the Trefusis Room at Cecil Sharp House on April 5th was described as "the annual party".

In February 1949 John Lewis sent a letter to the Round announcing the existence of the Old Round.

In 1950 and 1951 the annual party was organised in Cambridge. Page maintained by $hugh_stewart$