Site Credits

Thanks are due to:

Anthony Stone
For maintaining the dance history pages, and for rescuing the site and moving it to Drupal 8 when changes to PHP and Apache meant that the site wouldn’t work any more in its existing form.
Hugh Stewart
For providing swathes of really useful content, most notably the Elements of English Country Dance, his History of the Round, details on Kentucky Running Set and entering Palmer's Pocket Playford.
Dave Ansell
For creating the earlier site style, introducing photos everywhere, and generally bringing it up to date.
Andrew Swaine
For writing all of the scripts from which the previous version of the site was generated, using altogether too much perl and Makefiles.
Richard Morgan
For providing most of the original site, including the Round Band Book of Playford. Also for coming up with most of the original house style for the site, putting it together and managing it for two years or so.
Dan Sheridan
For looking after it between Anthony and Richard and doing lots of work.
Anthony Bearon
For creating the original site before it was brown.

The current site manager is Anthony Stone, ajs1 at cam dot ac dot uk. Any matters relating to the site should be sent to me unless the page specifies a different maintainer at the bottom. Alternatively, the Publicity Officer might be able to help