Covid-19 guidelines

Folk dancing is an activity that involves hand-to-hand or arm-to-arm contact and may include a close ‘ballroom hold’ swing. Being physically close to many other dancers in an indoor space carries risk of spreading COVID-19.

We ask that our dancers consider the following risk mitigations before attending our events:

  • Do not come to the Round with unexplained respiratory symptoms.
  • Do not come to the Round if you know you have COVID-19.
  • Do not come to the Round if government guidelines say you should stay at home.

As organisers we will mitigate risk by

  • Ventilating the room.
  • Providing facilities for contactless payment (but will also accept cash).

Face coverings have been shown to reduce COVID-19 infections in indoor spaces. However, they are currently not recommended by the WHO for vigorous physical activity. Please respect others’ choices about wearing masks.